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Astrology Gold-Plated Ring
EGP 399.00

This funky handmade ring is a statement piece of fashion hardware. Gold-plated silver and decorated with a red enamel star, slip this ring on with an outfit of dark colours to really make it pop.

Asymmetrical Silver Bracelet
EGP 170.00
Edgy yet symmetrical, this wide silver bracelet is a nice accessory for a night out. Wear it with a black dress and some colourful heels and it is sure to make a statement.
Aurora Vintage
EGP 475.00

Give your jewellery collection a transformation with this bohemian piece. Slip on this vintage aurora borealis wide embellished friendship bracelet for the essential imprint.   

Baby-G Beach Watch
EGP 706.00

This line-up of 200-meter water resistant Baby-G Series watches is perfect for resort and beach wear; as the faces of these watches are impressed with a pattern that glitters like gemstones. The large, upper-right button also has a distinctive colour to make it easy to locate and to promote easy operation.

Baby-G Big And Bold Women”s Watch
EGP 743.00
Baby-G has gone big with a collection of new models that take female timekeeping from petite and pretty, to big and bold. A dual illuminator lights up both the digital displays and dial to facilitate reading in the dark. Like all Baby-G watches, these models are specially shaped to keep exterior impact and shocks from reaching the buttons, glass, and other components.
Baby-G In Collaboration With Dutch Illustrator Parra
EGP 810.00

A collaboration with the world renowned illustrator known as Parra has produced unique designs in a mixture of colourful hues. Parra is a Dutch illustrator who does a lot of work in the skateboard and hip-hop fields. Both the face and back of these watches feature Parra"s signature and a Parra-like illustration appears on the display whenever the electro-luminescent backlight is turned on.

Baby-G In Collaboration With Pop Star KE$HA
EGP 864.00

This signature watch is one of a pair designed in collaboration with global pop superstar KE$HA. The square model has a leopard-skin pattern with KE$HA"s distinctive signature featured on the face, band, and/or back cover. It comes with its own distinctive package, made using recycled paper, as requested by KE$HA.

Baby-G Watch With Fashionable Wild Leopard Skin
EGP 837.00

Leopard skin patterns on the face and strap of this watch create a look that is fashionably wild. The pattern also includes one "secret" heart -haped spot. Available in white, pink or brown.

Baby-G Water Sports Timepiece
EGP 706.00

This line-up of 200-meter water resistant Baby-G models is perfect for resort and beach wear. The three colours are designed to match beach fashions and accessories while  the radiating design of the watches" faces creates an image of sunlight shining on the ocean. The round window in the upper right of the face displays a graphic that uses a surfboard fin motif. The large upper-right light button has a raised surface that prevents slipping for easy operation in the water.

Baby-G Women”s Extreme Sports Timepiece
EGP 785.00

The new Baby-G shock-resistant watches for women are optimally designed for use in extreme sports. Each is equipped with a tide graph function and water-resistance of up to 200 meters. The design is full of references to the ocean; a wave with ocean spray is depicted inside the tide graph display and parts of the face use a metal material to radiate like the glittering reflection of sunlight on seawater.  In addition, four protective parts, molded in a pyramid shape, have been placed around the watch face to accent the overall design of the watch.

Ballerina Dangle Earrings
EGP 100.00
These golden ballerina earrings are as sweet as they come. The colourful rhinestones can be beautifully paired with a purple top and simple trousers. 
Band Rings
Band Rings
EGP 250.00
Bohemian-chic with a contemporary twist, these gold rings are the finishing touch to your everyday look. Inspired by the cuff trend this season, these rings are an ideal pick to update your style this season. Wear it with a black cardigan and jeans for a casual dinner with friends.
Baseball Bat Earring
Baseball Bat Earring
EGP 250.00
Nothing screams summer more than bright flowers, so let these colourful earrings become your new summer favourites.
Beaded Allah Bracelet
EGP 40.00
The combination of gold and colourful beads makes this bracelet a versatile and attractive piece. Wear it with a maxi dress for a night out or a striped shirt for work.
Beaded Pin Necklace
EGP 475.00

Shake up your jewellery selection with this fun and multi-coloured necklace. The clever hand painted vintage crystal rhinestone necklace balances out the brightly coloured neon safety pins. Wear it on a plain white t-shirt for maximum effect. 

Big Gold Plated Arm Bangle
EGP 130.00
We love this sassy and lustrous golden handcuff. It's the perfect addition to denim and mint shirt, pastel yellow dress, or even a black maxi skirt and top.