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Blue Agate Necklace
EGP 650.00

This piece is an elegant example of classic femininity. The finest blue Agate beads are delicately draped into three strands. With authentic Egyptian silver, this charming necklace will sparkle against bright colours like yellow or green. Wear it with a bright hue and stone washed jeans for a great look.. 

Coral Chips Necklace
EGP 995.00

Get into a vibrant mood with this coral chip necklace , set with dark orange coloured chips against onyx facets.This necklace definitely makes a statement when worn with a black top and patterned pants. 

Mousse Agate Necklace
EGP 995.00

Beautifully designed with the finest Mousse Agate, this beaded necklace is a piece of stunning craftsmanship. With a carved gold plated pendant in the middle, this piece is both unique and feminine. Wear it against plain colours, preferably earth tones, to make its stones stand out. 

Turquoise Nuggets and Pendant
EGP 695.00

Sophisticated with a modern twist, this turquoise necklace with a matching pendant is designed to steal the show. Made from the best-coloured turquoise nuggets and Egyptian silver wrapped around the pendant, this piece is sure to become a favourite. Wear it over a coral top or dress to accentuate its striking colour. 

Two Tier Topaz Necklace with Pendant
EGP 995.00

Add some authentic tradition to your jewelry collection with this two-tier topaz necklace. With a custom-made zirconium pendant, this antique inspired piece will instantly transform any outfit. Wear it with a beige sweater and embellished ballerina flats for weekend outings.