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The Ocean Secrets Earrings
EGP 260.00
A modern design with classic elegance, these triple stoned geometric earrings would look stunning on a simple cream suit. Discover the Ocean bed!
The Ocean Secrets Rings
EGP 260.00
We love this triple gold ring with the beautiful round and square stones. Pair it with a sleeveless chiffon blouse and cropped trousers for an edgy look.
The Oriental Frame
EGP 211.00

An oriental design gives this metal picture frame a unique setting for displaying photos of your loved ones. Hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf, and let it shine by itself or in the company of our other matching frames.

The Regal Decorative Frame
EGP 242.00

This oval picture frame is decorated with gorgeous red and orange coloured stones. Hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf by itself or in the company of our other matching frames.

The Secret Garden Earring
The Secret Garden Earring
EGP 300.00
Nothing screams summer more than bright flowers, so let these colourful earrings become your new summer favourites.
The Springtime of Love Candles
EGP 150.00
With wise words by Khalil Gibran painted on this square hurricane candle, give your living space a splash of colour.
The Two Sisters
EGP 3,200.00
Cubism technique has always been very interesting to Nadine Youssef, Picasso was famous for it! But her favorite has always been Tamara De Lempicka! She used this technique in painting the most amazing portraits Nadine has ever seen. The artist studied her style and came up with this painting. "Sisters" is a 100x70 oil painting on wood representing the innocence and wildness of two sisters portraying the technique of the amazing Tamara De Lempicka.
Three Stone Ring
EGP 200.00

Give your outfit an opulent accent with this unique ring. Adorned with precious stones like ruby, lapis and zephyr, this ring is a definite statement maker. Wear it everyday to give your looks a striking twist. 

Total body suspension trainer BB-2400E - BODY SCULPTURE
Total body suspension trainer BB-2400E
EGP 440.00

- A superb full body workout with variable resistance levels.

- Adaptable, provides extensive variation in exercise   routines.

- Speeds up metabolic processes.

TPR Wheel
EGP 75.00

The Durable TPR wheel from Afifi Trading is great for core strength; it allows the abdominal muscles to be isolated as they are extended and contracted. It also works the muscles in your shoulders, back and arms.

Travel Mug with Egyptian Icons
EGP 50.00
Reveal your love for oriental designs with these creative travel mugs by Wind Graphic. Pick your favourite Egyptian quote or celebrity icon and have more fun drinking your coffee.
Tree Teardrop Hook Earrings
EGP 270.00
These stunning hook earrings are inspired by the shape of trees, and feature small, colourful dangling gemstones. They are perfect to wear with colourful jeans, a simple white top and heels. Wear to a dinner date and have your hair up in a ponytail to really show off the earrings.
Tribal Egyptian Notebook
EGP 50.00
Get creative with these funky iconic notebooks by Wind Graphic. Choose your favourite design and use them daily!
Tribal Heart Earrings
EGP 876.00

Since this season is all about statement-making, what better way to work the trend than with these gorgeous handmade tribal earrings? Made of gold-plated silver and colourful stones, it would look great with a colourful top and beige skinny trousers.


Triple Drop Earring
Triple Drop Earring
EGP 250.00
These silver plated earrings with colourful stones are all you need to instantly transform your outfit. Don't forget to keep your hair up to show them off.
Triple Silver Spiked Bracelet - ENVIED
Triple Silver Spiked Bracelet
EGP 60.00
Take on the trend for stylish spikes are with this edgy, spiked bronze bangle. Dark and gothic with a twist of grunge, this bangle will give any outfit a rock ‰غ،پ،جلn' roll edge. Wear it with a leather jacket, stone washed jeans and combat boots.